Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hey guys,

This is going to be my first post in a series of many many (hopefully) posts in the future. So for this first post, I'm going to tell a bit about my plan for this blog.

So first things first, this blog is mainly for a log of some sort, for me to keep my records of my thinking because I've heard that this will make my work in the future (for deciding my theses etc) much easier. So this blog will consist detailed information about my thoughts and opinions on certain topics which I touched in my daily life. I also hope to include my experiences so that when people searching for these, they will get something.

The other reason that pushed me off my couch and encouraged me to do this was the thought of me being alone. By this I mean that, by my experience, not many people are curious enough. The people I've met so far doesn't have the ability to think critically and be curious about their surroundings. So with this blog and my rants about some topics, I hope to induce some curiosity as well as a few educational debates in the comments.

I guess that is all for this introduction. I aim to post at least once a day since currently I'm not so busy but when I do resume studying (uni stuff), I aim to get at least 2 or 3 posts a week. And I really hope this works as I have high hopes for this project and I do hope those who are interested in this follow and leave a comment and other things to show your appreciation (still new to this so I dunno).

I guess that it all, Stay composed guys.


P.S. I'll try that line stay composed in these couple of posts. If it doesn't work out or seem right, I'll remove it. :D

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